Cameroon YES Alumni Storytelling and Media Making Workshop Report:

DATE: June 26-27 2013


VENUE: iEARN-SchoolNet-Cameroon Office

TRAINERS: NDJOCK RUDOLF (YES alumni)-Paul Claudel Jiogo (Adobe Youth Voices Educator)


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One of the objndjockectives of the Africa Regional Digital Story telling workshop was that the participants should train their fellow country Alumni. So on his return home, NDJOCK RUDOLF with the help of the YES Cameroon coordinator organized this workshop on the 26 and 27 of June  achieve this goal. The workshop also focused on Adobe Youth Voices media Making.

On the first day that is 26th June 2013, we comment on the event expectations. We taught the Alumni about the Art of storytelling, telling visual stories, the use of photography in telling stories, how to make a good and purposeful media. We also talked about conducting a great interview which has a non distractive environment, good lighting, quiet environment, researching on subject, and brainstorming and also respects copyright not forgetting a good dramatic arch. We talked about social media and its importance in sharing our projects. We also talked about security and responsibility online all which makes you a great digital citizen. 


pclaudelOn the second day of 27th June 2013 was mostly coordinated by YES staff / Adobe Youth Voices Educator Mr. Paul Claudel Jiogo who has more experience in Media making. He taught the Alumni different media forms and formats. He also presented 5 steps of media making. He explained to the Alumni how Adobe Premier Elements can be used in making great and interesting medias. tools and skills of combining media like music, pictures, videos, text, audio and also cutting out unwantecours1d parts to make a short and relevant/interesting story video. With all these and further detailed explanations, he then divided into small groups the Alumni. They were asked to make a documentary video either on their YES cours2program experiences or projects they did or are involved in


At the end we had the Alumni to give their impressions as well as write them down so we could post them online alongside their portraits. It was a wonderful experience.










clementineClementine NOUBOSSE YES´8:

“I attended the workshop on the 26th and 27th of June 2013. I was really interested, because I learned how to make a good interview by creating good video.”















stephane kamtchuingStephane Kamtchuing YES´10:

“During these two days of successive storytelling and media making workshop, I learned a lot on those two topics. For example about the storytelling I learned a lot about DOF( Depth Of Field) that is large field of focus and small field of focus. I also learned about the forms of media like Audio and formats like Photo essays and poetics. I also learned much move. I really loved this workshop, and I wish to have more.”


larissa essombeLarissa Essombe YES´9:

“During the workshop I learned a lot of things like how to make a good story, to identify a documentary shot and a lot of other things. I enjoyed being part of the workshop it was interesting and fun.”





nguimeya demefack paul ulrichNguimeya Demefack Paul Ulrich YES´10: “During these two days of workshop at KL-YES Cameroon, I learned mostly the rule of 10-80-10 which is important while making a video. Those stand for 10% for technology, 80% for inspiration/ ideas and 10% for luck. Also how to shoot a great interview, conducting it and respect the copyrights. The DOP (Depth of field) is important for clear pictures. The difference between a “beauty shoot” and a “documentary shoot” (which tell the story of a picture you take).”


josiane lele mokamJosiane Lele Mokam YES´9:

“The workshop was very interesting; I have learned new things about making a good video: first the steps (hook, introduction, problem, climax, resolutions and end); then the 10-80-10 rule of photography (10% for technology, 80% for inspiration and 10% for luck)… Now I can say that I can be able to realize a good and interesting video! Thank you to this workshop!!!”




suzy hilary kencle yesSuzy Hilary Kencle YES´10:

“During these two days of workshop, I learned the steps of a dramatic act, how to make a good story. I learned the 10-80-10 rule and their roles in photography. The depth of field, form, format and style was also really interesting. I really enjoyed the workshop because it was interesting and fun.”





joseph lambeJOSEPH LAMBE YES´10:

“During this workshop we studied the arch of storytelling and we also learned the various steps in making a good story. I also learned the 10-80-10 rule in photography and also the various forms and formats of media. I also learned what to do and not to do when making videos in order to respect copyrights. In the workshop, we were also thought how to keep safety on social media, conducting on interview and shooting a great interview.

This workshop was very useful because it taught us things we should take into consideration when making a photo or video that we didn´t knew before.”


tanyi ladydianeTanyi Ladydiane YES´8:

“I learned so much on media making and digital storytelling workshop.

I learned how to make a good video on stories or events that interest me.

To make a good video, I know that I am suppose to have a very good camera, good ideas and that I have to structure my work and always edit.I also learned that, I could publish my ideas or project on social media like youtube, Facebook, Hi5 , and also I could print or through the radio.

For the Over view, I really enjoyed the workshop the because the teachers were very explicit ads I could better understand what they were teaching”


danielle nyameDanielle Nyame YES´10 :

“The workshop I attended these two days was interesting. I learned how to make good digital stories by using some steps, which are; good hook, introduction, tension, climax, resolution and conclusion. I learned the 10-80-10 rule in photography and their meaning. Depth Of Field, forms and format that I learned the differences and types of forms and formats. I can now identify what kind of story telling I´m watching. I also learned how to make a media workshop by using the Plan, Production, Post production, Revision and Distribution.”


safeh evangelineSafeh Evangeline YES´9:

“The workshop was impressing. There could have been no better way to learn the different techniques of information transmission that took part in this knowledge filling workshop. I feel opportune.”





paola wouappiPaola Wouappi YES´10 :

In a whole, the workshop was really instructive. They taught us a lot of stuffs on these two subjects and made us notice things that we never knew. We did lessons on the structure and style of a story, what makes a good story, social media and its importance, media forms and formats, how to deal with copyrights,… and this is just to name a few. We finished the workshop by creating a Facebook page using all the knowledge we acquired these two days.

I can say that for a two days´ workshop, we learned a lot and I will be really pleased to do such things again.”