GYSD (Global Youth Service Day)

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GYSD (Global Youth Service Day)

Global Youth Service Day is an annual campaign that celebrates and mobilizes the millions of children and youth who improve their communities each day of the year through service and service-learning. Established in 1988, Global Youth Service Day is the largest and longest-running service event in the world, and the only day of service dedicated to children and youth. GYSD is celebrated each year in over 100 countries.

Each year, millions of children and youth around the world work together with schools, youth organizations, nonprofits, community and faith-based organizations, volunteer and national service programs, government agencies, faith communities, and other individuals to address the world's most critical issues and change their communities on Global Youth Service Day.

Any organization in any sector (nonprofit/NGO, government, faith-based, business, or association) of any scale (local, statewide, regional, national, or global) can use GYSD as an activation point to engage youth in service or as an opportunity to celebrate youth who serve.

YSA encourages you to use GYSD as a tool to strengthen your programs, form new partnerships, expand your volunteer base, garner media attention, gain support from local public officials, and secure additional funding.


GYSD 2012 is April 20-22
GYSD 2013 is April 26-28
GYSD 2014 is April 11-13

iEARN-SchollNet Cameroon GYSD 2012 REPORT

CM Alumni Lead Cleanliness Campaign

CM Alumni Lead Cleanliness Campaign

YES alumni collaborated with iEARN-Cameroon to observe Global Youth Service Day from April 20-22, 2012. Groups of alumni organized and implemented several cleanliness awareness projects throughout Cameroon. For a summery of projects, please see below:

Patricia Meche organized and implemented the Make a Difference (MAD) project in local schools located in Japoma, Cameroon. "In Cameroon today, especially in public areas, people catch many diseases due to sanitary issues. So we are planning this project to sensitize people about keeping our environment clean", she explained. Through her cleanliness awareness projects, Patricia motivated 12 peers to clean schools and surrounding areas. Volunteers also donated toilet paper to encourage sanitation and hygiene.


Rudolf Ndjock, encourgaed 12 peers in hisschool to participate in similar activities in hisregion. The group donated trash cans to the school and implementing an anti-littering campaign. Young students picked up litter from the school surroundings and gained an understanding of how littering can contribute to unhygienic environments.


Clementine Noubosse organized 15 school peers to build awareness about cleanliness in the District Hospital of Cite des Palmiers in Doula City. Volunteers learned key practices in hygiene and took part in cleaning the hospital.

4Clinton Enow, conducted a similar project in a maternity hospital in the Bonaberie area. With 10 volunteers, Clinton encouraged youth to help community hospitals maintain neat landscapes and sanitary environments.


Ladydiane Etaga implemented her cleanliness awareness project at a local orphanage in Kumba, Cameroon. With 8 peers, the volunteers washed orphans clothing and cleaned living quarters. Volunteers also donated plantains and rice for young orphans.