Cameroon Activity: MAKE A DIFFERENT DAY (A Shade of Hope for the Disable October/24th – 25th /2020

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Cameroon Activity: MAKE A DIFFERENT DAY

(A Shade of Hope for the Disable)

October/24th – 25th /2020


The training on how to make reusable pads monitored by Naima Mohamadou'20 and also a workshop on how tomake face mask monitored by Sakinatou Yousimbom'19




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By Kenneth Awah Fru (YES 2015-2016, Cameroon, placed with AFS-USA in Mulino, OR)


The Crip Camp workshop that took place in August 2020 brought together exchange alumni from all over the globe to learn about the legacy of the disability rights movement in the U.S., discuss the current situation of people with disabilities in their respective countries, and learn how to contribute to the disability rights movement in their communities. Growing up as a non-disabled person, I had encounters with disabled people and even knew people with disabilities, but until the Crip Camp workshop, I had never been exposed to the realities they face.

The Crip Camp documentary contained real, raw, and authentic footage that depicted people with disabilities going through their day-to-day activities. This was new for me, and discussions with other alumni from across the world who have disabilities helped me learn about a variety of disabilities. I also learned the importance of inclusion and access for all. Inclusion gives everyone the possibility of contributing to the development of the community and makes everyone feel valuable.

Among the activities of the Crip Camp workshop, my favorite was the keynote speaker panel, which took place on the second day of the workshop. It was very informative to hear from people who played leading roles in the disability rights movement in the U.S. Hearing about the experience of people like Judy Heumann and Andraéa LaVant inspired me to learn more about the people with disabilities in my community and to help advocate for disability rights in my community and country.

Before the Crip Camp workshop, I didn’t take note of the challenge of accessibility to public places in Cameroon that people with disabilities are faced with. After the workshop, I began to notice that many public places are not equipped with ramps or elevators to facilitate access for people on wheelchairs or using crutches, making access to these places difficult for them.


Agenda from the Cameroonian alumni discussion session


On August 30th, the YES alumni in Cameroon held a discussion session to recount the lessons learned from the Crip Camp workshop and come up with project ideas directed towards the disability community in Cameroon. In order to come up with projects appropriate to the Cameroon context, the alumni had to discuss how disabled people are perceived in the country, the roles they play, and challenges they face every day. The alumni observed that disabled people in Cameroon are perceived as being unable to do much and are often looked upon with pity. This underestimation by most non-disabled people can be a limiting factor to people with disabilities living to their full potential and contributing to community life.

After talking about challenges faced by people with disabilities in the country, the alumni suggested a number of projects that can be carried out to raise awareness about disabilities and supporting people with disabilities. The suggestions given include:

  • Teaching teachers basic sign language so they can teach their subjects to students with hearing disabilities.
  • Vocational training (for skills like tailoring, soap production, and knowledge of the usage of ICT tools) for unemployed disabled people to help them earn a living.
  • Visiting communities of people with disabilities to find out what their challenges are.
  • Raising awareness and highlighting disability rights activists on social media.

Work is currently underway on the vocational training project. On October 11, 2020, the alumni had a virtual training with an expert in soap production so they can in turn train people with disabilities later this month.

The Crip Camp workshop provided a platform where both disabled and non-disabled alumni could learn from and contribute to the discourse on disability rights. It left the participants more informed and motivated to advocate for disability rights. While the workshop lasted a week, I believe ripples of its impact will be felt much later on, through the active engagement of its participants in advocating for and working with communities of people with disabilities.


Cameroon YES alumni Activity (Paper Bag Project) August, 2019

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The paper bag project was scheduled to take place on the 23rd and 24th of August 2019. This two-day period was reserved for training young Cameroonians on how to produce paper from plantain trees which could later be folded into bags and used in the place of plastic bags that pollute the environment. On the first day participants were actively walked through the steps of processing the plantain tree which include; cutting, cooking, blending and drying of the paste on grids. The paper was left to dry till the afternoon of the next day, this was not enough for all the paper to dry since it was raining in Yaounde. A dried sample of paper was presented to the participants who were pleased with what they accomplished. When most of the paper got dry, The YES alumni Kenneth Awa Fru (YES’16) trained the participants on how to fold some of it into a bag and presented them on social media. At the end of the project, pictures was posted on Facebook and got the attention of a Television (TV) program called ‘The View‘ in Yaounde which has invited the YES alumni to speak of the project and the YES program on their Television program on the 4th September 2019.

You can have some photos from this Link">


Sex Education Seminar (Theme: Enhancing Parent-children relationship through sex education ) South West Region, Buea 07/27/2019

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The seminar on sex education was set to take place on the 27th of July 2019, in view of this, the YES alumni in Buea, invited guest speakers to speak on the topic of sex education. They were pleased to open the doors to 6 guest speakers: Mme Nzume Deris, an inspector of Physics at the high school level, who spoke on "starting the conversation of sex education with the child." The YES Alumni also had the privilege of hosting the Head of Department of Public Health at the Faculty of Health Science, Dr Tendongfor Nicholas; He spoke on STI's and preventions/remedy. Dr Njang Emmanuel, a medical practitional from Solidarity clinic and a member of an NGO, HERO Cameroon. Dr Njang spoke on the menstrual cycle and menstrual hygiene. This topic was one of the most interactive, simce many people had questions after his session. Mme Florence Tutuwan shared her experience with the children on the school campus. two medical students, Teneng Sirri and Tabot Scarlet who talked on the influence of social media and the spirital perspective of sex education respectively. The organization and the execution were top-notch. the event went well and the YES alumni believe the impact felt will be felt in the lives of the individuals who attended." they also got many positive feedback from beneficiaries, Predian-Kiva said: "We ned more programs like this, I think the youths need stuff like this." Like the saying goes, all is well that ends well.


You can have some photos from this Link



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The YES alumni from Bamenda held and activity on the 07/16/2018 at the center of the University of Bamenda (Bambili). The theme was about: YOUTHS FACING THEIR PROBLEMS FOR A BETTER AND BRIGHTER TOMORROW . the detail of activities are found on the two attached documents.

1- Social ills and juvenile delinquent activities



You can have some photos from this Link


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