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The YES ALUMNI in Cameroon headed by Lambe´13 organized a project "saving our enviromnent" on December 14, 2014 at Ngwelle, Bonaberi, Douala. This project started at 8am with the gathering at the chief's compound where instruction on how activities will be undertaking, were disclosed. It was in two phases. The activity started with the first which was on community service, where, grouped in five groups, participants went in different neighborhoods to clean the surroundings. Alumni and participants equipped with cutlasses, brooms, wrecks, hoes, wheelbarrows... gave their best in accomplishing the task. After the cleaning, next was the part on sensitization. Joseph, with the help of some Alumni advised the inhabitants on the ill effects of keeping their surrounding dirty such as illnesses; positive effects of keeping their surroundings clean such as not having mosquitoes breed around their neighborhood and always been healthy. This sensitization was interactive and one participant even said "if all the youth could take initiative like the Alumni did, the country will be better"; another one said now henceforth, he will make sure that his environment is always kept clean". The chief of the neighborhood appreciated and hoped we were to come back after a few months to see whether what we planted has grown. Activities ended well with overall participant satisfaction. Pictures of the events are shown below:

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