Enow Tabi ClintonEnow Tabi Clinton (Lauréat 2009-2010 du Lycée de Mabanda placé à Kansas)

What interested me in this program is its cultural and intellectual aspects. For the selection, iEARN-Cameroon officer came in my class with students applications. I filled mine an after some selection process, I was finally selected in my school.

Meche Tamgno PatriciaMeche Tamgno Patricia (Lauréate 2009-2010 du Lycée de Japoma placée à Oregon)

We are followed up by the USA Embassy. We initiate social projects which can be sponsored or funded by the program if they are accepted. In all, our school results are very good

Nobosse Panfoule Clémentine

Nobosse Panfoule Clémentine (Lauréate2009- 2010 du Lycée de la citée des Palmiers placée à Minesota)

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Mardi Gras, Boat riding, picnics, The Civic Education Workshop, living with an awesome host. These are just a few favorite memories which will never fade away. Also,as Cameroon alumni, we are very engaged in Community services

Njock RudolfNjock Rudolf: Lauréat 2009-2010 du Atlantic Bilingual College Bonabérie; place à Arizona)

My YES program year made me to be a more sociable and open minded person. This was as I was able to share my culture and learn about that of others. With the volunteer services I was able to carryout in my host community of MESA and PHOENIX ARIZONA, I understood I can be the change I want to see in the world.

Tanyi Ladydiana EtagaTanyi Ladydiana Etaga ( Lauréate 2009- 2010 du Lycée de la cité des Palmiers; placée à Hawai)

YES means so much to me. It is a very great program, because it helps other students from other countries to travel out, learn new cultures and be very divers in their way of thinking, associating


Safe Evangeline
Safe Evangeline
(Lauréate 2010-2011 du Lycée Bilingue de Deido, placée en Louisiane):

Have got a very good travel, all has been very nice, I´m happy to see my family and friends after one year; during my stay in the USA, I attended many conferences

Essombe LarissaEssombe Larissa (Lauréate 2010- 2011 duLycée De la cité des Palmiers, placée à Wisconsin)

We have thought Cameroonian culture to Americans. We acted like Cameroon cultural ambassadors. We talked about our traditions, our cooking habits

Lele JosianeLele Josiane (Lauréate 2010-2011 du College Charles De Gaulle; placée à Washington):

My host family has been wonderful. They took great care of me, even when I was homesick of Cameroon since habits are very different. I m very happy to come back home in my country. I wish to build up my future and to have the opportunity to go back there for my studies later.

Manfouo CarineManfouo Carine (Lauréate 2010-2011 du Lycée de Maképé place au Texas:):

I have to thank my host family. The travel was joyful. There, I also travelled to other American states and learned a lot about Americans

Ndjamkeu AstridNdjamkeu Astrid (Lauréate 2010-2011 du Lycée de Logpom place au Texas:):

People are very kind and happy in America. Schools are bigger there than here in Cameroon. The beginning was very difficult but I adapted myself as soon as possible. I wish I could stay there. This shows my desire to travel back