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yes 10th anniversary logo



12 December, 2012

cameroon alumni and iearn cameroon staffCameroon alumni and iEARN Cameroon staff meet together in iEARN-SchoolNet-Cameroon office this 12th December 2012 to launch YES 10th anniversary virtual kickoff. Following to the timeline of the event and procedures, all participants enjoyed sharing their YES experience through social media, specially Facebook. From 12 am prompt, each alumni interacted with other alumni all over the world. They changed their picture in their Facebook front page by adding the YES 10th anniversary logo and flyers. They all provided some answers to the anniversary top questions. They communicated their Yes experiences with some pictures they uploaded on the anniversary Facebook page.

For the questions how did your YES Program year change your perspective? And what does the Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study (YES) Program mean to you? Several answers were provided on line:

larissa ndoutou yes-9

LARISSA NDOUTOU YES-9 from Cameroon the program means love, peace, unity, adapting, and development of leadership, respect and lot of other things.

Ladydiane ETAGA (YES-8), Yes means so much to me. It is a very great program, coz it help other students from other countries to travel out, learn new cultures and be very divers in their way of thinking, associating

Evangeline SAFEH (YES-9) Halloween, Thanksgiving, Mardi Gras, Boat riding, picnics, The Civic Education Workshop, living with an awesome host. These are just a few favorite memories which will never fade away.

Clinton ENOW My Name's Clinton, YES 8-alumni Cameroon. My favorite memories turn back to when I visited a "Salt mine"larissa ndoutou yes-9  2

in Kansas together with students from my area and host family. Really great experience. Another one goes back to my trip in San Diego for the BUBW conference where we visited "Sea World". And many others, it was awesome!

ndjock rudolph yes-8NDJOCK Rudolph YES-8My YES program year made me to be a more sociable and open minded person. This was as I was able to share my culture and learn about that of others. With the volunteer services I was able to carryout in my host community of MESA and PHOENIX ARIZONA; I understood I can be the change I want to see in the world.

Paul Claudel JIOGO: Working with Cameroon Alumni has enlarged our social and professional perspective. They are so engaged in community services that I think they are what 21st century model youths should be: Brave leaders. Thanks and HAPPY 10th Anniversary to YES community iEARN Cameroon staff.

Patricia MECHE (YES-8), Clementine NOUBOSSE (YES-8), LELE Josiane (YES-9), Carine MANFOUO (YES-9) conducted many online conversation with their peers alumni about their YES year experiences at the same time..

After the launching activity, Cameroon alumni set up the activities time line to celebrate this special event. They will organize in the iEARN-Cameroon office on 30th December at- 10 am for the YES 10th ANNYVERSARY PARTY. They will also make the YES 10th anniversary Cake they will share with some invited guests.

cameroon yes alumni week is scheduledCameroon YES alumni week is scheduled on February in common with official Youth week. Each Alumni will organize a significant Online event in his school to communicate on the role of an alumni in his home country. This event will be on live transmitted online as a webinar. We will invite the US Embassy in Yaounde , iEARN USA and American Council to connect and follow the event. They will also attend the professional development workshop scheduled on January 2013 while preparing themselves for the small grant competition and many other yes program upcoming events.

Report By: Francois DONFACK

YES-Cameroon Director