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The PAO of the United States embassy,

The mayor of Douala V

Dear students,


Ladies and gentlemen


It is an honour for me to be in this historic city of Douala today, on the occasion of the reception of the third incoming group of returnees of the programme YES of iEARN/SchoolNet-cameroon from the U.S.


Let me start by paying homage to our students. We are proud of you because you were selected on merit and you proved through your successful integration in the study scholarship year in the United States, in being able to make reasonable choices and act independently, that you deserved the trust of the organizers.


You should know that this is only the beginning of the road for you. Your country will expect you to continue to work hard and continue to be able to be examples for your peers and other young Cameroonians.


Parents, we count on you to continue to be the successful support you have been to your children so that they may continue to make you and our nation proud.


The YES programme was initiated at a time when the world, especially the Muslim world was hostile to US values. The US Congress targeted secondary school students in 40 countries throughout the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Sud America and Eastern Europe, in a bid to help solve the problem. This gave birth to the YES programme.


The goals of the YES programme included: helping students acquire an understanding of important element of civil society with volunteering and grassroots action as key. We have in our country had the experience of US Peace Corps volunteers-some of these have been young people in their prime who have come out to our country and worked with us in truly difficult conditions for over 50 years. There have been successful friendships and some marriages. They have set a great example of good leadership and selfless service.


The YES programme aims to develop an appreciation for American culture and its diversity. Well this diversity is one thing our country has in common with the US and our students will be blessed in having a better appreciation of diversity for this Africa in miniature that we are.


I think that the YES goal to get students to interact with Americans and generate enduring ties will be put to the test soon, by the YES alumni/returnees, in their support activities here at home that will focus on development and community service.


On partnerships:


-         A famous American President once said that all he had to learn he learned in kindergarten.


The lessons he referred to included things like clean up our own mess, flush, open doors for people, hold hands when you cross the street, etc.


Well let us imagine a group of children crossing a street. How safe they are when they hold hands and face the danger, or together the unknown on the other side.


-         iEARN partners, the US Department and the Cameroon Government working together have achieved a whole lot also in the education sector.


We would here like to salute this win-win partnership this important holding each other's hands that have set a high example in the promotion of mutual understanding between Americans and Cameroonians.


It is our take that our young returnees have deepened their leadership capacities even as they developed an appreciation for American culture. We do think that in return the families and young people with whom they came in contact have benefitted mutually and have built lasting friendships.


We encourage the Co-ordinator of iEARN-SchoolNet-Cameroon who has worked tirelessly to bring about this successful workshop and the Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study Program. The must keep up the focus and thrust so far achieved.


The PAO of the Unites States Embassy,

Dear students,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The ministry of secondary education has respected the terms of the agreement set out in the Memorandum of Understanding with iEARN in 2007.

iEARN must also continue to do the same in this win-win partnership. It is ob this note of optimism and hope for a world of lasting friendships and more and more fruitful partnerships that I would like to close this iEARN SchoolNet workshop this 12th day of August 2012 in Douala.


I thank-you for your kind attention