Workshop with U.S. embassy

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The ceremony took place on the 12th July 2012 in Douala, Hotel Makepe Palace from 8 to 2 pm. All the invited participants attended to this important and significant event in the present of the US Embassy team conducted by the Public Affairs Officer of the USA Embassy in Cameroon, the Technical Adviser No 1 in the Ministry of the Secondary education Ms Doroty Forbin representing the Minister.

Were also present the Regional Delegate in charge of Bilingualism in Littoral Region, schools principals, YES 10 scholarship students and their parents , the consortium of YES staff and other YES Alumni.

The workshop activities began at 12.20pm, just after the arrival from the National capital Yaoundé of the Technical Adviser No 1 in the Ministry of the Secondary education Ms Forbin Doroty, follow by the Public affairs officer of the USA Embassy in Cameroon.

After the Welcome speech from the Coordinator of iEARN-Schoolnet Cameroon, the Public Affairs Officer of US Embassy launched the ceremony before a coffee break. The workshop activities began with the expose of iEARN Cameroon Coordinator. M Donfack François He expressed sincere gratitude to the Bureau of Cultural Affairs of the USA Department of State, to the Ministry of the Secondary Education of Cameroon, to all his collaborators for their significant support to iEARN-Schoolnet Cameroon activities. He also congratulated parents who believed in the YES program scholarship and sent their children to participate. He provided to the participants all information about challenges and way forward by the iEARN-SchoolNet Cameroon organization. He also presented the YES program in terms of objectives, procedures and regulations

Cameroon YES Alumni Safeh Evangeline, Patricia Meche and Clementine Nobosse took the occasion to explain to all the Role of a YES Alumni in his home country. They explained with concrete examples that An Alumni is a leader in his community. This leadership is realized through community service projects and the promotion of the English language.

For example the creation and management to English clubs in their various schools and the on going "All against Malaria "project.

The PAO US Embassy in his exposé emphasized on Education in USA, Family life in USA,U.S laws and regulations for exchange students and expectations. He gave the speech to Cameroon YES Alumni to share their exchange experiences with the participants. YES 8 and 9 Alumni did it with great enthusiasm.

The technical adviser N 1 in the Ministry of secondary education congratulated YES program scholarship Cameroon finalists .She expressed the great satisfaction of Cameroon education authorities as far as The YES program in concerned. She encouraged the Coordinator of IEARN-school net Cameroon who has been working tirelessly to bring about this successful program and this successful workshop. According to her, the Ministry of Secondary Education and IEARN-school net Cameroon must continue to respect the terms of the agreement they signed for this win-win partnership.

It is with a note of satisfaction, joy, optimism and hope for a world of friendship through education that this other workshop related to PDO of YES Program 2012-2013 selection ended in Douala this 12th July 2012.

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