All against malaria project

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All against malaria project initiated by YES 8 has already started. The first stage took place in Douala Japoma area. Yes alumni and 10 volunteers they mobilized started working on the field on the 10th July 2012.

The first part of the event took place the same day in the public ceremony place in PARISO area from 3pm to 6 pm. Local population and their chief were mobilized in order to receive all information about malaria prevention. The Doctor and trained volunteers who headed the ceremony took all good measures to make it a success. They provided many exposés to sensitize more than 200 local participants who attended the event with a great satisfaction. The main topics they developed included: What is Malaria, How can we know that we have malaria (symptoms of malaria)-how can we prevent malaria at home? How should we use an anti mosquito net call MILDA i.e. insecticide mosquitoes net?

The public was very satisfied and exhorted the team members to continuous elaborating community services based on environmental and health issues. The ceremony ended at 6 pm.

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