Cameroon Activity: Developing Responsive Community Based Projects September/14th 15th/2020

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(US Embassy Zoom video conferencing platform)

September/14th 15th/2020

The first day, the meeting started at 4:15pm after the US embassy granted Awah Kenneth ’16 host responsibilities on their Zoom account. Nadège Dze ’14, introduced the session explaining the zoom guidelines, what the YES program is, what the (the Cameroon YES Alumni Association (CYAA) does and the objectives of this project which is to teach and ensure that each participant can identify and carry-out a community project.

The second day, Fru Awah Kenneth ’16 moderated the second day of the project. He gave an introduction for the day after which Joseph Lambe ’13 proceeded with a presentation titled ‘How to Run a Community project’. In the course of this presentation, Joseph Lambe ’13 made mention of how to recruit volunteers/partners, how to identify human resources and other skills needed to run a project. Sakinatu ’19 was up next with a presentation on how to go about with the follow-up of a project. She emphasized on having follow-up methods before, during and after the project and gave the importance and types of follow-up methods.

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