Sex Education Seminar (Theme: Enhancing Parent-children relationship through sex education ) South West Region, Buea 07/27/2019

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The seminar on sex education was set to take place on the 27th of July 2019, in view of this, the YES alumni in Buea, invited guest speakers to speak on the topic of sex education. They were pleased to open the doors to 6 guest speakers: Mme Nzume Deris, an inspector of Physics at the high school level, who spoke on "starting the conversation of sex education with the child." The YES Alumni also had the privilege of hosting the Head of Department of Public Health at the Faculty of Health Science, Dr Tendongfor Nicholas; He spoke on STI's and preventions/remedy. Dr Njang Emmanuel, a medical practitional from Solidarity clinic and a member of an NGO, HERO Cameroon. Dr Njang spoke on the menstrual cycle and menstrual hygiene. This topic was one of the most interactive, simce many people had questions after his session. Mme Florence Tutuwan shared her experience with the children on the school campus. two medical students, Teneng Sirri and Tabot Scarlet who talked on the influence of social media and the spirital perspective of sex education respectively. The organization and the execution were top-notch. the event went well and the YES alumni believe the impact felt will be felt in the lives of the individuals who attended." they also got many positive feedback from beneficiaries, Predian-Kiva said: "We ned more programs like this, I think the youths need stuff like this." Like the saying goes, all is well that ends well.


You can have some photos from this Link