Cameroon YES’16 alumni Welcome ceremony From the 14-15 and 17th June, 2019

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On the 06/14/2019, the YES’16 arrived Cameroon.

They were warmly welcomed by their parents and the YES alumni family in Cameroon.

On 06/15/2019, the iEARN office officially did a welcome orientation for the YES’16. At the orientation the program coordinator Mr. Francois Donfack gave a welcome speech and evaluated the reports of each alumni. Afterwards, each alumni shared their experience of life in the U.S, and lessons learnt while on exchange.

The Official welcome ceremony was held at the U.S embassy, on 06/17/2019 with the YES alumni and guests (iEARN office, friends and family of returning alumni and Cameroon YES alumni present. They were warmly welcomed by the Deputy Chief of Mission (DCM) Vernelle Fitz Patrick, Public Affairs Officer Lee McManis, and Cultural Attache Will Romine.