Cameroon YES Alumni activities (Youth Bilingualism contest) in Douala February/21/2018

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The YES alumni in Douala organized activities such as game, traditional dances, quiz, karaoke and drawing to celebrate the national youth day this year. The event was held at GBHS Bepanda with the students of grade 11 and 12. Nike Ange Djiade YES'17 introduced his selves and talk about his experience in USA. Evangeline Safeh YES’12 the alumni association President, also introduced her selves and talked about her experience in the USA and she also talked about leadership, she asked some questions about leadership and the students answered. Jalane Maeva Tsague YES’17 also explained how she enjoyed her stay in USA. The event continued with game, traditional dances, quiz, and karaoke and drawing in which several students participated.


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