International Education Week:Sensitization of the Importance of deaf Sign language in the community of Santa

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In SANTA November 24, 2018


The International Education Week (IEW) is usually an opportunity to celebrate the benefits of international education and exchange worldwide. This year on November 24th, 2018, the CYAA in Bamendaorganised a teaching period on how to communicate with deaf peoples. The event continues with the presentation and importance of the sign language by Collins Tadjon (YES'18). He also teaches some alphabet letters in sign language with the help of an interpreter Mr Penn Gillet. MrWainken Wilson (Deaf teacher), also teach how to count in sign Language. 28 peoples participated and were very embarrassed because many do not how to speak with the deaf peoples. Everybody was happy and ask the YES alumni to organize another section for them to learn more in sign Language. They had a word of encouragement from ABIE Ebenezer a deaf student from the Buea School for the deaf.




Below are pictures