LET’S READ AND WRITE in Dschang March/10/2018

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Cameroon YES Alumni activities (LET’S READ AND WRITE) in Dschang March/10/2018


The Dschang YES alumni and l'Afrique Ecrit (an online magazine) organize a one day workshop to raise awareness on the necessity to read, write and to promote literary arts; African literary arts in particular. The YES alumni notice that Cameroonian University students don't put their interest in the literal work of art and on community service. They also have 21 participants, 2 representations, the first on the YES program and volunteerism and its importance with speaker Tamo de Lekelem. The second was on l'Afrique ecrit and speaker was Njuh Ndoh Conrad. The third was on writing tips by Njuh Ndoh Conrad and the workshop ended with a read and write exercise that was shared with participants.


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