Cameroon YES Alumni GYSD Activities in Douala April/22/2017

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Cameroon YES Alumni GYSD Activities in Douala


The YES alumni in Douala visited and Orphanage call la Compassion in Bonaloka. The ceremony kicked off at 2 Am with the arrival of YES alumni and YES Staff at the orphanage. Then a word of prayer by Hilar Kencley (YES´13), follow with the presentation of the CYAA activities by Evangeline Safeh (YES´12) the president and a welcome word from Bieguélé Madeleine the orphan´s´ care taker. The children welcomed the YES alumni with songs, Lele Josiane (YES´12) coordinated a game session, Clementine Nobosse (YES´11) thought the kids a song, and everyone was having fun. The YES alumni continue by distributing gifts to the kids and they were excited as they opened their bags full of clothes. And orphan called (Browndon) said: YES will never be NO. The kids were very happy and asked the YES alumni to come again next year. The day ended with picture-taking, refreshments, closing speech and a last word of prayers by an orphan called (Chanceline).



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