Cameroon YES Alumni Dschang English Language and Culture Promotion Program (ELCPP) activities in Yaoundé

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Cameroon YES Alumni Dschang English Language and Culture Promotion Program (ELCPP) activities in Yaoundé

February 02/8, 10, 15, 17/2017


The YES alumni Dschang decided to do an English Language and Culture Promotion Program (ELCPP). The first session, the YES alumni Dongmo Ymelong (YES´14) got to work with the CM2 and CM1 classes and to go through a set of essential notions before introducing a new activity to both classes. In summary the first week, the YES alumni in Dschang did:  The Reading and Listening Comprehension: they used two short texts for this activity. The YES alumni Dongmo Ymelong (YES´14) was reading, while the students were listening and telling him what they got, which difficult words and they made a small summary of the text.  Then they had reading comprehension questions, which help the students further in getting the sense of the text and improving their understanding of English language. The next was Grammar (verbs and tenses): the alumni also reviewed grammar notions and particularly the present and past tense of some verbs. They also reviewed pronouns to easily apply grammar rules in English. Then at last, they did Vocabulary: it was based on the texts the YES alumni previously mentioned. Students would identify objects on pictures, describing what is going on the images. This allowed them to work first on their expression, then to do vocabulary and finally listening. Then the last week, the YES alumni introduce the new activity which the main topic was Colors, Shapes and speaking. They also played game and sang to entertain the students. They started with shapes and the YES alumni Dongmo introduced the five main shapes: the square, the triangle, the rectangle, the circle and the star.  They listed all together ten colors (green, red, yellow, blue, brown, black, white, orange, pink and purple).


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