Interfaith Harmony Workshop

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Douala, November /13/2016


The YES Interfaith Harmony Workshoptook place in iEARNSchoolNet Cameroon office on November/13/2016. This was organized by Hilary Kencle (YES´13) who attended the Interfaith Harmony Workshop in Rabat Morocco on March/79/2016. The event started at 2pm with the welcome speech of Hilary Kencle (YES´13) and continuous with the presentation of YES Program by Evangeline Safeh (YES´12) the CYAA, (Cameroon YES Alumni Association) president. The main purpose of the project was to promote interfaith dialogue and harmony between people from different believes / faiths / spiritualism. This project regrouped more than 25 young students. The invitees were from different religious backgrounds: Muslim, Christians and others. During the conference, they built step by step harmony between them through the different presentation conducted by two guests´ speakers: DJAMILA MBARGA, student at the University of Douala in 3rd year biochemistry and researcher in religion studies and HERVE KOGEM FOTSO, a computer specialist and catechist in a catholic church in Douala.

Below are pictures