Interfaith Harmony Workshop

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Douala, November /13/2016


The YES Interfaith Harmony Workshoptook place in iEARNSchoolNet Cameroon office on November/13/2016. This was organized by Hilary Kencle (YES’13) who attended the Interfaith Harmony Workshop in Rabat Morocco on March/7–9/2016. The event started at 2pm with the welcome speech of Hilary Kencle (YES’13) and continuous with the presentation of YES Program by Evangeline Safeh (YES’12) the CYAA, (Cameroon YES Alumni Association) president. The main purpose of the project was to promote interfaith dialogue and harmony between people from different believes / faiths / spiritualism. This project regrouped more than 25 young students. The invitees were from different religious backgrounds: Muslim, Christians and others. During the conference, they built step by step harmony between them through the different presentation conducted by two guests’ speakers: DJAMILA MBARGA, student at the University of Douala in 3rd year biochemistry and researcher in religion studies and HERVE KOGEM FOTSO, a computer specialist and catechist in a catholic church in Douala.

Below are pictures