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The event took place on the 24th December 2015 in a small community call Ngwelle, Bonabéri, (Douala), at two PM. This was done through the distribution of Christmas presents to the needy kids, those whose parents can't afford to give them one. It was also for them to be entertained, feel involved, loved and cared for during Christmas, which is Jesus Christ's Birthday. Joseph Lambe YES´13, to make this project possible, contacted all my family, friends and acquaintances in the Cameroon, USA and many other countries to help him make it a great success. The ceremony started as early as three: thirty PM with all the Kids singing some Christmas songs by the Christmas tree waiting for Santa Clause to come and distribute them their gifts. After singing, alumni distributed them Candy and drinks while teaching the kids what Christmas really means and the main reason for this day. When Santa clause arrived, all the kids were very happy to receive their gifts. After all the gifts were distributed, all the kids´ sang Christmas songs and a lot of pictures were taken. All the kids went back home satisfied and very happy for the gifts.



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