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YES ALUMNI in Cameroon headed by Partricia´11 organized at AMPHI RéNé ESSOMBA at the University of Douala a sensitization meeting on Who is an Albino?... a person like you!. The aim of this project was to outline the injustices Albinos face in our neighborhood and even the world at large. The project took place at AMPHI RéNé ESSOMBA at the University of Douala, on February 4, 2015. The workshop started at 1pm. The project started with group work, were by participants in groups said what they thought or always heard about Albinos. Participants commented a lot such as; Albinos were fragile, have a poor vision, have very restricted diet, sun rays can negatively affect their skin; they were sacrificed in the northern part of the country amongst others. However, one group raised the idea that, it was just a genetic disease which resulted from lack of pigmentation which made Albinos very sensitive to ultra violet rays. More light was thrown by Yes Alumni in their presentations, most especially the expose on discrimination, where Alumni brought out all the injustice which Albino faced and ways to remedy them, calling on participant to make a difference. Some of these discriminations highlighted included amongst others; discriminations at schools where at times Albinos have little or no friends and are stigmatized by others and discrimination at the job side where very few employers accept to employ them. After the YES Alumni presentation an Albino girl also shared her testimony on the daily difficulties she always have and was very happy with the initiative the Alumni took. Later there was a question and answer session, where by Alumni answered to different questions asked. Pictures of the events are shown below:

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