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YES ALUMNI in Cameroon headed by Paola´13 organized at the University of Douala´s neighborhood, a sensitization campaign on Stopping Alcohol consumption amongst youths on December 31, 2014. The aim of the project was mainly on sensitizing people of the neighborhood about the effects of alcohol consumption amongst youths and even the society as a whole. in other words, Paola, helped by some Alumni made some presentations: Patricia'11 ( statistics on alcohol consumption in Cameroon) where she gave alarming statistics about consumption in Cameroon amongst, Danielle'13 (consequences of alcohol) which included things such as an irresponsible life, children not going to school , Hilary'13 (alcohol's dependency), Josiane'12 ( alcohol consumption in school environment), Larissa'12 ( drunkenness), Clementine'11 ( alcohol in the society) Joseph'13 ( legal age for alcohol consumption), Evangeline'12 ( how to stop alcohol consumption) and Paola'13 ( summary of the main points). The sensitization was followed by the question- answer phase. People asked many diverse questions and the YES Alumni answered them. Participants were so excited about this sensitization to an extend that, one said "I am very impress about the sensitization because, I think I have learned a lot about alcohol and I wish this kind of the project be extended". It ended with some refreshment. Some promised to consume less alcohol and even advise people not to do so. Pictures of the events are shown below:

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